Power to your people.

Empower your staff with the flexibility to request, cancel, and swap shifts. You can easily review and approve the pending changes. No more rewriting rotas, just real-time results.

Keep staff in touch and on-time.

Enjoy the benefits of better communication, like improved morale and fewer missed shifts, with simple messaging, notifications, and even daily shift reminders for those friendly, forgetful types.

Very easy to use, intuitive and responsive. I like the ease of importing new staff and the template driven week by week roster. This program was the original and I still think one of the best.

- Brett Morgan, Madison Hotels and Suites
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Stay focused on your guests

Our simple drag & drop scheduler lets you assign shifts in just a few clicks, leaving you more time to delight your guests.

Keep on top of your costs

Our smart payroll calculator shows you your hotel’s staffing costs now and going forwards, using scheduled shifts, pay grades, and even overtime rates.

Keep control of your rota

Shifts can be provisionally swapped, requested, or cancelled by staff, and you can quickly review and approve any changes.

Scale as you grow

Our pricing suits hospitality teams of any size as we’ve one low, fixed price per team. It’s even free if you’ve got 5 staff or less.

Don’t blow the budget

Accurate payroll costs and forecasts with features for deductible lunch breaks, time off, and overtime.

Anywhere, anytime access

Tired of staffing disasters when you’re not there? Manage your rota on the go with online access and a handy app too.

Curious how we can help your team?

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