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Sign up to our free plan and we'll honour the terms forever. We'll never ask you to upgrade or pay for features that we're offering on our free plan.

What's the catch?

The free plan is limited to 5 staff and 5 facilities, and you won't have access to some of our paid plan features, such as forward planning, historical data access, real-time reporting, shift templates, custom columns and payroll calculation.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it really free?Yes! It is and always will be free for small teams of up to 5 staff members. There's no advertising, no mailing lists, and we will never transfer or sell the private data of you or your employees with anyone not involved in the delivery of the service.
  • What are the restrictions of the free plan?The free plan is restricted to 5 staff members and 5 facilities. Scheduling is limited to one week forward and historical data is limited to one week backward. There are no templates (used for storing shift patterns), no custom columns, no real-time reporting and no payroll calculations.
  • Can I schedule multiple teams for free?Yes! You can have as many teams as you like on the free plan. You can also upgrade your teams individually if you exceed the 5 staff member limit or require more features for individual teams.
  • What happens if my team expands to more than 5 staff?If you exceed the 5 staff member limit or would like more features, you can upgrade at any time and your data will be as it was before the upgrade. You can also downgrade at any time, or just let your paid plan expire.

Start scheduling your staff for free.

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