Unlock your rota's hidden data

By combining the hours from your rota (or timesheets) and the pay rates entered for your staff, we're able to forecast your labour costs in real-time while you work on your rota. You can enter any combination of hourly rates, day rates, salaries, overtime rates, rate rules (exceptions), ad-hoc rate adjustments, holiday rates, split-shifts, and unpaid breaks.

Easy to understand charts help you visualise your data

Our reports dashboard gives you a top level view of your team's hours, pay and shifts using more than 40 interactive charts. Find out at a glance who's working the most shifts, who's being paid the most overtime, who's taking the most sick days, and who's working the longest shifts.

Track your labour costs in real-time as you schedule

Using 'real-time reporting', you can display the number of shifts, scheduled hours and estimated pay for each staff member on your rota. We make these calculations hundreds of times a second, so you can watch your costs while you put together your rota.


Create alternate pay rates for special circumstances

Use rules to calculate different hourly rates for staff based on their shift's day of the week, time of the day, facility and the staff member's age. Rules will either override staff pay rates with a fixed hourly rate or adjust their normal hourly rate with a multiplier.


Holiday pay rates

Do you pay your staff more to work bank holidays? Add a rate multiplier and Findmyshift will automatically adjust their hourly rates.

Give your staff a break

If you don't pay your staff for their breaks you can set up a break rule, and we'll automatically adjust their payable hours.

Historical data

Need to go back and check how the last month's payroll was calculated? We keep your historical data online and available at all times, just in case.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I track my staffing costs in Findmyshift?Tracking your staffing cost in Findmyshift is easy. Each staff member can be paid hourly, daily or by salary, pay rate exceptions (weekend rates, overnight additions), and automatic unpaid breaks.
  • Can I see my staffing costs while I'm working on the rota?After entering the pay information for your staff, you can display the costs of their shifts on your rota using "real-time reporting". Real-time reporting will automatically update (in the background) while you're working so you never have to refresh or switch pages to see your costs.
  • What is a pay rate exception?A pay rate exception is a rule that will adjust a staff member's regular pay amount when specific criteria are met. For example, if staff are paid double time on Sundays then a pay rate exception could be set up to multiply their hourly rate by 2 every Sunday.
  • How do I enter unpaid breaks in Findmyshift?The easiest way to enter unpaid breaks is to set up break rules, either globally (affecting all staff) or per staff member (on their profile). When breaks are more arbitrary, you can enter these directly on the rota below a shift as a comment (e.g. "1 hour break" or "30 min break"). When calculating staff hours and pay we look out for these comments and automatically deduct the duration of the break.

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