Online Scheduling for Shipping, Logistics and Transportation Companies

Online scheduling for shipping and transportation

In the shipping and transportation industry, workforce management is a relevant and pressing issue on a daily basis. Without an efficient system in place, controllable and uncontrollable factors can send your business into an unfortunate tailspin.

Findmyshift’s scheduling system can help you control the controllable and respond promptly to the uncontrollable. Here's a look at some of the features you can look forward to using and the benefits they offer.

Real-time tracking of staff hours with the built-in time clock

Tracking staff hours helps maximise employee productivity by ensuring the right people are where they need to be when they need to be there. Our built-in time clock feature also produces automated payroll reports that you can use for forecasting, budgeting, and cost reporting.

Tracking staff hours also ensures that employees are taking their rest breaks. Fatigued workers are more prone to mistakes and are less happy and productive. Knowing where your staff members are is also a security feature. In case of an emergency, their current locations are quickly identifiable.

Build employee accountability with remote schedule access

Once a schedule is ready, employees have access to view it remotely, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They, in turn, can set up reminders to avoid forgetting their shifts. Employers can also set up reminders for their staff calling their attention to when and where they're working using email, text message, or push notifications.

With Findmyshift, you can control employee access levels to determine what they can see and cannot see. The access levels can also dictate what they can do or cannot do in the system.

Collaborative scheduling helps free up managers and schedulers time

Your staff members will have unavoidable emergencies that require them to make adjustments to their schedules. With our system, you can offer your employees some self-service options, including the ability to request shifts, cancel shifts, or swap shifts with their colleagues pending manager approval.

By placing the responsibility on the staff member to ensure coverage of their work assignment, your managers are free to attend to more productive tasks.

Quick and stress-free scheduling using shift templates

Staff planning and resource allocation take up a good portion of your managers’ time. Identifying staff working patterns and plugging that information along with any other scheduling formulas into shift templates, makes scheduling a less tortured task.

Using these templates, team members responsible for shift assignments can quickly and easily create consistent schedules that take into account important factors like business needs, payroll costs, employee morale, and labour legislation, among others.

You can read more about how to make use of shift templates here.

Eliminate scheduling confusion with one online roster

Working with paper schedules increases the risk that staff members may have access to more than one calendar. Not knowing which is the most current creates chaos. With an online system, your team members always have access to their current and accurate assignments.

Build a sense of community and encourage teamwork with centralised communication

A successful workplace needs happy and engaged employees. Communication plays a crucial role in this respect. When employees don't have access to information, they will make up their own. Such rumours can interfere with productivity and overall engagement.

Share timely information with your staff using our staff noticeboard feature. Keeping your team in the loop not only empowers employees but encourages teamwork, creates a sense of community, and eliminates confusion and rumour mongering. It's also a great way to stop field or remote employees from feeling isolated or left out.

Cost effective pricing model allows for easy scalability

Company expansion means increasing costs in various areas. You don't have to worry about your scheduling costs increasing as we price our system by rota and not by the employee. Not only is it possible for your scheduling costs to remain fixed, but it can also go down with additional discounts we offer, like for advance payments.

Scheduling is not just a challenge for large organisations. It can also be a time-consuming task for smaller companies. If you have a small operation, or are just starting out, take advantage of the free version of our app. This cost-free version services up to five team members. As your organisation grows, you can graduate to a service platform that matches your new needs.

Customisable scheduling database to fit your unique needs

Online scheduling systems save personnel hours and can help reduce unplanned absences that impact the company's revenues. However, any system you bring into your organisation is only as good as its ability to meet your unique needs. We know that no one knows your organisation better than you do. So, we've designed our system to be customisable. You can sort and filter your data in any way that suits your organisation.

Secure data transmission with SSL encryption

We want you to feel 100% at ease when working with our scheduling system. SSL encryption is used to safeguard all of the data sent between your browser and our server. We also scan our servers regularly for any vulnerabilities and take immediate corrective action to eliminate any areas of exposure.

Automated data backup

We know it's important for businesses to make sure that their data is backed up in the event of a technical or user emergency. We've designed our software to make automatic and regular full system backups to give you added peace of mind.

Anyone with administrative access can work without the fear that an errant finger swipe can result in a total loss of valuable information. We offer secure remote storage for your backed-up data that is recoverable quickly and without complication.

Start scheduling your staff online.

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