Saving Time with Templates

Creating Templates

To create a template, begin by clicking "Templates". This opens a new view of your rota, but instead of dates at the top of the rota you will see Monday Week 1, Tuesday Week 1, etc.

On this page you have the option to create 20 weeks of shift patterns in the same way you would edit your rota, using your mouse and keyboard. Once you're happy with the shift patterns, click the Save button (or press CTRL + s).

You can also copy and paste shifts from your rota to the template and vice-versa. Find out how to copy & paste on Findmyshift here.

Applying Templates

When viewing your rota, if you'd like to apply a template, highlight the cells that you'd like to update, click "Templates" and select the week (or weeks) that you want to apply.

Of course, you don't have to apply a template to all of your staff members. If you just want to apply template shifts to just one staff member you can do this too. You just need to select the cells you want to apply the shifts to.

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