Best Restaurant Blogs Worth Following

The best restaurant blogs for industry news and business tips

In the fast-paced restaurant industry, there’s no standing still. Finding and reading great restaurant blogs is one way to try and keep up with the latest marketing strategies, new technologies and shifting consumer preferences among a myriad of other trends, innovations and changes.

We’ve selected a number of the restaurant blogs that help make this task a little easier by bringing together cutting-edge information and practical advice from industry leaders in a variety of formats from articles to podcasts. So here you go, our selection of the best restaurant blogs to check out today.

Restaurant Business Online

Restaurant Business Online is a leading media brand helping professional restaurateurs stay up to date on the latest business intelligence and emerging trends in the foodservice industry. This restaurant blog’s focus is helping restaurant businesses grow and increase their profits through actionable advice and proven strategies. The extensive content library includes special reports, recipe inspiration, podcasts and live webinars in addition to articles.

Restaurant Engine

Restaurant Engine is a trusted web design service for restaurants, and their blog is a no-nonsense source of current restaurant news and useful advice. With approximately one post per day, Restaurant Engine covers topics such as social media and finance in addition to web design and mobile websites.


Founded by restaurant industry publisher and producer Paul Barron, Foodable is a media organization that aims to both educate and entertain restaurant professionals. The Foodable blog is a great resource for those interested in in-depth research reports and data as well as the latest trends in a range of foodservice-related topics from plant-based eating to social media marketing. Look out for their video content, podcasts, virtual events, recipes and chef demos too.

Restaurant Den

Restaurant Den offers a complete website design and online ordering package to restaurants, food trucks and caterers. Their blog for restaurateurs is focused on fresh marketing tips and advice to attract new customers to your business. Visit Restaurant Den to learn all about effective social media campaigns, exciting promo ideas and ways to utilise the latest technology in marketing.

Modern Restaurant Management

The Modern Restaurant Management blog brings together insider knowledge and expert advice on all aspects of running a restaurant from the latest marketing strategies to up-to-date legal information. In addition to daily news items and informative articles, you’ll also find free webinars and short to-the-point videos on this popular restaurant blog.

The Tip Jar

The Tip Jar is a restaurant blog by the food delivery service GrubHub. While their expertise lies in the field of restaurant deliveries, the blog offers a lot of valuable information for restaurants of all types from writing an effective business plan to controlling food expenses.

The Restaurateur

The Restaurateur is written by experienced tax accountants at New England’s leading accounting firm KLR. A sub-blog created specifically for the foodservice industry, The Restaurateur is your go-to restaurant blog for expert information on tax and finances relevant to small and large restaurant businesses alike.

Restaurant News

This no-nonsense blog for restaurateurs wanting to keep up to date with latest news and developments in the industries. With its unfussy design and simple title, Restaurant News knows what it does and does it well. If you want to keep up with what the competition is doing and learn from other restaurants around the world, this is the best restaurant blog for you.

Restaurant Manifesto

Restaurant Manifesto is a food blog with a humorous tone written primarily for diners, but it has a lot to offer for restaurateurs as well. If you’re interested in gaining insights into the experiences, opinions and preferences of restaurant customers, Restaurant Manifesto is a fantastic source of information. In particular, you can learn a lot here about consumers’ needs and expectations when it comes to exceptional customer service.

The Restaurant Expert

The Restaurant Expert is a trusted restaurant training and coaching company founded by Scott Peters. The Restaurant Expert blog dives deep into all aspects of running a restaurant as efficiently and profitably as possible with a wealth of industry insights, practical tips and hands-on solutions to common challenges faced by restaurateurs.


Eater is a general food industry blog with an investigative flair and a focus on telling the most interesting and note-worthy stories to emerge from the world of eating out. In addition to restaurant-related news, you’ll find long-form articles for in-depth analysis on current hot topics as well as podcasts and video content. Restaurateurs will enjoy reading about all different aspects of food, hospitality, nutrition on more on one of the longest standing blogs out there.

Aaron Allen

Aaron Allen is a hotshot restaurant consultant, so he’s better placed than most to talk about marketing, branding, and design. While the blog’s posting schedule is a little inconsistent, you can often find invaluable advice from a man who knows what it takes to succeed in the industry.

The Restaurant Times

An online publication by providers of the cloud-based restaurant software POSist, The Restaurant Times provides a wealth of information on a large range of foodservice topics from the latest industry news to interior design advice and hiring tips. The content is aimed at helping businesses grow and overcome challenges at any stage of their journey. One of the most comprehensive of restaurant blogs.

Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

Michael Hartzell is an award-winning restaurant marketing coach, and his blog is a very hands-on online resource with in-depth how-to guides, tools, quick tips and creative ideas to help restaurateurs run a successful business. A restaurant blog for those who want to focus on business development and improving their marketing strategy.

Restaurant Technology Guys

As the name suggests, this blog is focused on the tech side of running a restaurant, with topics ranging from expert advice on payment automation to creative hacks for improving operations efficiency. The content is primarily delivered through the RTG podcast, which makes this a great blog to follow if you find it easier to make time for listening than reading.


Marketing4Restaurants is a service specifically aimed at helping smaller foodservice businesses – owners of single restaurants and small chains – to attract and retain more customers through an effective, data-driven approach to marketing. And if you’re a fan of podcasts as well as restaurant blogs, Secret Sauce, their restaurant marketing podcast is a very popular resource too.

Food & Beverage Magazine

A big name in the industry for nearly two decades, this is a tantalising collection of restaurant ideas and trends. If you want to keep abreast of what the next big thing will be in the foodservice industry, look no further than this restaurant blog.

And that concludes our review of the very best restaurant blogs out there! If you know of any others that should be on the list, let us know. We’re always keen to hear about other resources that can help our readers stay up to date with the latest happenings in the restaurant industry.

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